The Journey

Journey Highlights

Sydney 4th April 

Bulladelah 9th April

Brisbane 21st April

Gympie 24th April 

Rockhampton 2nd May

Prosperpine 10th May

Cairns 18th May

Ravenshoe 21st May

Georgetown 24th May

Croydon 26th May

Bourketown 30th May

Borroloola 4th June

Mataranka 10th June

Darwin 15th June

Timber Creek 24th June

Kununurra 28th June

Broome 13th July

Port Headland 19th July

Geraldton 10th August

Perth 18th August

Albany 30th August

Norseman 10th Sept

Yalata 26th Sept

Ceduna 29th Sept

Adelaide 12th Oct

Robe 18th Oct

Geelong 25th Oct

Hobart 28th Oct

Woodbury 30th Oct

Launceston 2nd Nov

Traralgon 8th Nov

Narooma 17th Nov

ACT 19th Nov

Kiama 22nd Nov

Picton 25th Nov

Sydney Opera House 27th Nov.

The Support Crew


vivianHey Everyone! My name is Vivian and I'm a 19 year old German girl. I have been traveling with Sarah, Shannon and the Kids since the 3rd of Nov. (replacing Kino). It's my job mainly to take care of the kids. It's a lot of fun and different from the types of jobs I've had before. As it's the first time taking care for children of this age, I'm enjoying the challenges these kids bring! I've been in Australia since July and I love this country. It's totaly different than Germany (not just because of the weather ;)) The bread is strange, the people are more open and helpful, and the mentality reflects the opportunities available in such a big new, young country... I love it. When I first arrived it took me about 3 weeks to secure a job but I got one at Igloo Zoo, the best Frozen Yogurt store I've ever been to!!! I spent my first 3.5 months working there in Bondi, living at Kings Cross to save some money but now I have enough money and happy to find something new to see. I really want to buy a car and travel around Australia. Maybe I will run a couple of km's but I think I would be to lazy to run around Australia like Sarah! I'm very happy to be a part of something special like this and very proud of Sarah, she is incredible the way she manages to have enough energy for everything, it must be the raw organic food she is eating these days. Two beautiful kids and a run around Australia with all the hiding challenges that pop up from time to time(like a flat tyre on the support car this morning). I hope for the last 3 weeks, we will have a lot of fun and I'm a helping hand for Sarah. And maybe I'll find a way to put the kids to bed earlier 🙂 Yesterday it took me 3 hours!!!!!


shannonHi I'm Shannon. I come from Taiwan, a beautiful island in Asia. I came to Australia just in time to see the spring changes take place. Up until now I have never left the country I grew up in, so now can you imagine the exiting differences I am experiencing already!

I met Sarah by chance in Perth and now have the opportunity to help Sarah finish the rest of her dream. How lucky is that to get a place on the team...!  I'm very honored to be invited to be a part of the team. Sarah is very thoughtful and generous. Today she bought me a book on a topic I love, the gesture brought me to tears. Sarah also is a great english teacher, correcting my sentence structure and helping me with the new sounds and pronunciation in the English language. Coming to Australia is a gift to myself for my 30th birthday. I never thought I would be part of such an amazing adventure, but through helping Sarah and giving my best support of her dream of running a lap of Australia, that will bring even more memorable overseas experience in OZ.

"My goal is to love every single moment", and what I want to do now is indeed in line with the central idea of mine.


I have been a friend of Sarahs for 8 years, since we were Cylce Couriers in Sydney for Mail Call.

It was great to spend some time with Sarah as she ran through Melbourne with Jason Akermanis. She's a true champion with a heart of gold.


I have been part of the OLNE Crew from Cairns, QLD to Norseman, WA. I have been driving the bus and moving and setting up camps every few days. I have also driven the support car, done the photography and been there for Sarah when times are tough. It is not an easy life on the road, but as the longest staying crew member, we have been able to get a system happening to prepare us for the long distances and time away from towns. Good luck Sarah on your last run to Sydney.

Danielle & Kezia, UK

Danielle and Kezia were part of the original Sydney to Brisbane team. Spending 3 weeks with Sarah before the World Record Run began, fine tuning the preparations, planning logistics, planning  the budget, collecting and testing the equipment and setting up a facebook page for the "technically challenged" runner!


I am in Australia to ride my bike from Perth to Melbourne. But I became afraid of the big traffic and long distances. I saw an advertisement looking for an assistant. I loved this opportunity to see Australia at 80km per day. I don't drive, but I help keep Sarah company by cycling along side her, sometimes jogging, but only 5km and giving her water every 2 or 5 km. I help look after the children they are very funny and they love the songs I play for them on my guitar. This has been the best trip in Australia ever with a very great team.