Running 14,772km

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The definition of 'Run'

"To powerfully surge from one foot to the other achieving an airborne state between strides such that no two feet are on the ground at the same time, in fact, most of the time running is spent in a subliminal state of floating.
Running is an artwork."


Sarah Mycroft™
First Woman to Run Around Australia™
One Lap No Excuses™

First Woman to Run Around Australia™

Sarah Mycroft became the First Woman to Run Around Australia on November 27th, 2010 after running an average of 62km a day for 238 days between April 4th 2010 to Nov 27th 2010. Covering 14,772km along Highway 1, including Tasmania and ACT. Sarah and her husband now enjoy time at their farm along with their 5 children now aged 10, 8, 3, 1 and newborn. Concentrating on Free Range Chicken Egg Production, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production on their 200ha property and spending more time with their children. Sarah would like to thank every individual and business that helped in the ways they did during her epic adventure.